Commercial Loans

Commercial and Asset Leasing

We work with our partners to provide commercial solutions and innovative asset finance tailored to suit your needs from a range of partners. We can arrange and structure finance packages to suit your needs.

In Detail
Business Loans
A business loan provides you with the flexibility to access to finance when you need capital to purchase a business, additional capital for business expansion, major plant and equipment upgrades, or purchasing commercial property. Both fixed and variable rates are available.

Property Development Finance
Property Development Finance is similar to a residential construction loan, operating as a draw- down facility whereby you access funds required at each stage of the development, rather than the entire loan at one time.

Leasing Finance
With leasing finance, a leasing company takes ownership of vehicles and equipment and leases them out to your business for an agreed repayment amount and term (2-5years). Leasing finance may be ideal when you need a vehicle or equipment that has long effective lives.

Commercial Hire Purchase
Commercial hire purchase involves a finance company purchasing a vehicle on behalf of the customer, and provides the customer use and possession of the car in return for regular repayments. Once the final payment has been made and any residual (balloon) value paid, the customer takes ownership of the vehicle. Alternatively, the customer can choose to “trade in” the vehicle, or re-finance the residual value

Novated lease
A Novated lease is a vehicle lease agreement between you, your employer and a finance company. Also known as car salary packaging.